Big Sky Transport, Inc.


Our Benefits

We are an independent contractor for FedEx operating in Memphis, TN and Olive Branch, MS. We currently operate team assigned runs, single assigned runs, and single unassigned runs. We have an excellent management team in place and we are looking to grow and expand our operation. Below is a list of perks that we offer our drivers:

  • Flexibility
    • We keep a surplus of drivers to help ensure we can meet the most demanding schedules.
  • Great Pay
    • Competitive starting pay plus bonus opportunities
  • Benefits
    • We offer access to Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance. We also offer a competitive vacation package.
  • Equipment
    • Our trucks are equipped with up to the date safety technology on the market and our assigned routes have new trucks every few years.
  • Job Stability
    • We are looking to grow and strengthen our relationship with FedEx. It is our goal to serve our customers with the best service and therefore providing our drivers with the job stability they desire.


At Big Sky Transport, Inc. we desire to have a stable workforce and an ever expanding commitment to our business partners. If you would like to become a part of our team please click here to view our current opportunities.